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Hi there, I'm so happy you decided to stop by, I'm George the content creator behind The DIY Warrior on Instagram.  I served in the United States Marine Corps and after my service I decided to go from a military warrior to The DIY Warrior. My last duty station was on the coast of NC, and I absolutely loved it, so much so, I went back to NY grabbed my high school sweetheart (Jessica), married her and now we call the beautiful coast of NC home with our two daughters and two Chocolate Labrador Retrievers. Living here has been an incredible experience and we take advantage of all that it has to offer. 


I've been DIYing for over a decade now and what started out of necessity, quickly developed into a passion. When my wife and I moved out of our 800 sq/ft downtown loft apartment and into our first single family home we quickly realized that we needed more furniture. As we browsed the internet looking for furniture, we quickly went into sticker shock. Having not touched a single power tool in my life, I had an idea and all that I needed to do was convince Jessica that it was a great one... it didn't take much convincing because my wife is my biggest cheerleader! What we decided was that she would find beautiful furniture that she loved, we would sketch a concept and I would build it from scratch. I have vivid memories of nervously driving home from the local tool supply store armed with my "DIY Starter Kit" which consisted of a drill, miter saw, brad nailer and small compressor not knowing what I was doing but determined to figure it out... Over the next few years, we executed on our vision... Jessica would come to me with a furniture piece that she loved priced in the several thousands, and I would build it for a few hundred dollars. We did that until our entire home was furnished and we couldn't have been prouder of ourselves.

Fast forward to today, we've taken on much larger projects and have built two custom homes and have completed 100's of DIY projects ranging in size and budget. Over the years Jessica and I have developed a shared love for all things home and design. I have become the DIY junkie and Jess is the mastermind behind everything you see design and decor! Jessica has the eye and the ability to transform spaces giving them a unique, inviting, and intentional feel.

Our mission is to be a resource for those looking to create value in their home and give you the confidence that you can do it! Whether it's building barn doors, trimming out an accent wall, installing hardwood flooring, building a high-end piece of furniture for a fraction of the cost or decorating a room from top to bottom, don't worry, you've come to the right spot. We're always working on something and hope that we can provide you with meaningful and inspiring content. 

Towards the end of 2021, we moved into our latest custom build. We are so excited to bring you along the journey as we make this house into our home! We hope you enjoy our blog be sure to follow along on Instagram @thediywarrior to watch it all unfold...

Here's to building beautiful spaces together!

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