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DIY Home Office Built In Beverage Bar

This project was sponsored by KILZ®

A home office is a special place, at least for us it is. It’s the place where I do the majority of my work, where my wife and I come together to brainstorm ideas/have creative discussions and also a place we all gather together as a family for movie or game night. When we built our home, we wanted to make sure this space was completely separate from the rest of the house and also embraced a work/live environment. To turn our vision into a reality, we strategically placed the home office in the room over the garage with a separate staircase, heavily insulated the walls for sound dampening, included a living area, a half bath, and a few closets for functionality. In terms of design, we went moody with a dark grey and painted our entire home office (walls, ceiling, and trim) using Behr Marquee® paint. The one thing missing from our home office to round out the work/live atmosphere that we were trying to accomplish was a beverage area and we had the perfect place to put one. We wanted to ensure the beverage bar had an intentional look so we utilized KILZ 3® Premium Primer and the same sheen and color of Behr Marquee® paint. I can envision our family hanging out here for movie night and the beverage bar is such a fun addition to what is already a beautiful and functional space. Like many other areas of the room, we wanted this to embrace an intentional look, so we decided to build custom built in cabinets with an integrated beverage fridge. Here’s the before picture of the space…

For the project, we utilized two stock base cabinets form our local home improvement store and flanked each side of the beverage fridge. Due to the stock cabinets having a laminate finish, we had to be very selective with the type of primer we used to ensure that the final coat of paint adhered well and can stand the test of time.

We ultimately selected KILZ 3® Premium Primer as our primer. I don’t think KILZ® needs any introduction, as they produce a superior product to others seen on the market. If you’re new to the brand, KILZ® makes a full range of surface coatings, from primers to paints and specialty products, that are widely distributed and available at over 30,000 retailers, big and small, both online and off, across the United States and Canada. No matter what product you choose, and no matter what project you’re working on, the KILZ® Brand is trusted to deliver excellent, long-lasting results you can be proud of for years to come!

To start, I removed some base molding, built a frame for the beverage fridge to attach to, leveled the cabinets and tied it all together with screws and floor anchors. I then added the filler pieces and toe kick out of 1x material to give it the built-in look. Next, I poured a concrete countertop and love the way it came out. Check out the image below.

From there it was time for the finishing touches. I sanded down the built-in frame and the cabinet doors. This is a critical step to ensure proper primer adhesion, as the cabinets have a laminate surface. Using KILZ 3® Premium Primer proved to be a huge success. It went on smooth, self-leveled, adhered great, dried quick and provided a solid base for the paint to attach to. I then used Behr Marquee® paint tinted in Deep Space to match the rest of the office and sprayed two coats in a satin finish and couldn’t be happier with the result. Having two kids under 6 who will likely be in and out of these cabinets, I now have the confidence that they will stand the test of time!

Now we’re going to pop some popcorn, grab a beverage out of our new beverage bar and enjoy an unforgettable movie night together!

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