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Simple Gift Everyone Will Love for Under $10!

Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Hi friends,

In this post we are featuring a beautiful, simple, and inexpensive gift to give to friends, family or coworkers. I originally got the inspiration from @nestingwithgrace on Instagram, put my own spin on it and, well, I'm hooked... I love putting these together, it's so easy and extremely well received by the recipient. I mean who couldn't use a soap dispenser and a Turkish towel? Additionally, the greenery can easily be placed in a vase next to the sink to add a great pop of color to any kitchen.

For this quick DIY gift I usually head to World Market for the soap and Turkish towel or these days head to their website.

The Soap:

You can find many different soaps that come in glass bottles, but I like to stick to clear or white bottles and let the Turkish towel and greenery do all the talking. Below is a soap that would work well for this project, however, feel free to get creative with this and use dish soap, hand soap, hand lotion or a candle.

This is a liquid hand soap that has a great fragrance from Natural Essentials for $4.98... linked here Natural Essentials Honey Almond Liquid Hand Soap

The Towel:

Additionally, World Market has a great selection of Turkish towels, you can run a quick search on Turkish towels and get a lot of great results. The image and link below is a great towel called Woven Dobby Stripe Kitchen Towel with Fringe for this project and will only run you about $2.98

The Greenery:

To finish out the materials for this project you will need some type of fresh plant picking. I normally pick up fresh ferns or eucalyptus from Fresh Market or Trader Joes for the house regularly, so I will typically use a few sprigs of whatever I have laying around the house at the moment. I've also been know to go outside and cut a few pieces off of our holly bushes if I am in a pinch, haha, trust me, it works well and looks so nice!

Final Items (Burlap Ribbon / Tag):

Some people in my house call me the burlap queen (eeehhhhemmmm George) so I usually have a few spools laying around because I love to finish gifts off with a burlap bow, but you can buy this very inexpensively from any craft store like Michael's or Joann's. Here is a link to a beautiful 1.5" burlap ribbon that is beautiful and would work well for this project, 1.5" Burlap Ribbon.

Once you gathered all of the above materials you're in the home stretch and just need to put it all together. To do this you simply fold the towel nicely, laying it on top of the piece of burlap ribbon, lay the soap on top, add your natural sprigs and tie it all together. I usually finish it off with some type of tag where I can write the recipients name on it and there you have it!

Here's a finished product of mine that I did for our neighbors for Christmas. While soap, a Turkish towel and greenery are my go to here's another spin that I thought you'd like. Feel free to get creative, you can give these low cost amazing gifts out for almost any occasion!

Please comment with any questions you have! We'd love to see how you adopt this simple gift and make it your own. Comment with your pictures below and happy DIYing!


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